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CAD drawing translation service

Automatic reading, automatic translation, and automatic writing by CAD to/from Japanese.

Send us your CAD data (dwg, dxf) and we will convert it after confirming the translation.

With our proprietary program, up to 500 drawings in a folder can be processed automatically by batch processing.

Currently, English, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian are available.


Translation by native speakers except English.

Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, etc. can be translated, but conversion of Text in drawing is very difficult due to special characters.

​ Our system does not require manual input  so it is possible without problems.



We can differentiate ourselves from other companies by providing Japanese drawings for overseas projects by Japanese  companies.

local manufacturing

Make local manufacturing drawings your native language and improve quality control for defect reduction.


We convert design drawings into local languages and use them for Developing, sales, cost estimation, and construction.

​ Unframes the designer by language.


Facilitate consultation.


​・ Reading texts, translation, and writing are automatically by our own program, so it is fast.

​・ For Max 1000 drawings, read by batch processing and create a list in Excel with duplicate text removed.

・ Creating a list in Excel makes checking for translation easier and avoid opening all the drawings for extluction.

・ Text​ is based on the size of the original text, and the size and color of both the translated text and the original text

     can be changed.

・ The translated text will be migrated to the newly created layer.

・ It is also possible to convert Text in Block.

First of all, please send us a drawing. We will create a sample drawing free of charge.
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